Conference Agenda

Wednesday 27th September, QEII Centre, London SW1P 3EE

09:30 - 10:50 Keynote Speakers

Conference Chair, Phil Gibson, Chair, Innopsis

Jessica Figueras, Chief Analyst, GlobalData Public Sector
The big picture: PSN and beyond
An analyst’s view on the big trends shaping change in public sector networking, and what you need to do about them.

John Keegan, Head of Infrastructure Services, Digital Group, Department for Work and Pensions
Future of Network Services at the Department for Work and Pensions
The future of Network Services at the Department for Work and Pensions with SD-WAN, gateways and Unified Communications and DWP's recent transformation to Hybrid Cloud and enabling citizen services at Job Centres.

Jeannie Ivanov, Head of Segment Marketing and Keith Smith, Public Sector Business Development Manager, Virgin Media Business
A more dynamic and demanding future
Everyone's talking about SDN, but not enough people are talking about the dynamic and demanding future that so many hope SDN will address. In our view, the future of Public Sector networking requires a broader perspective to understand the demands being placed upon it. We will identify the new forces driving a more dynamic Public Sector and suggest ways that - as an industry - we can meet this more nuanced view of the world and the short, medium and long term steps to address it.

Following a 25 minute refreshment break the day continues with work sessions on subjects around, but not limited to:

11:15 Software Defined Ecosystem
In this session we will explain how the public sector has the opportunity to support service reform in improving operational solutions, by embracing best in class Software Defined Ecosystems.

Jack Richards, Public Sector Senior Solutions Architect, Exponential-e

11:40 Mapping a more dynamic future
What are the features of a more dynamic and demanding future network? It will be more capable. it will be more flexible, it will converge with other technologies and processes - in ways that may surprise us - and its security profile will have evolved.

In this workshop we shall put our stake into the ground illustrating the future capabilities, advantages and benefits needed to address the legislative and social requirements of the day.

Keith Smith, Public Sector Business Development Manager, Virgin Media Business

12:05 Securely federating Public Service Networks - Software Defined WANs in an agile, hybrid world
Acceptance of internet-based cloud services provides a backdrop to the rapidly evolving SD-WAN sector. Built upon encryption, SD-WANs are secure from base principles however, vendor solutions are proprietary end-to-end. Where and how might Government bodies using SD-WANs securely connect to cloud services in a federated eco-system? Do we need GCN 2.0?

Martin Deacon, Chief Technology Officer, Capita Networking Solutions

12:30 SD-WAN demand is at fever pitch - how does it fit the public sector requirements?
SD-WAN is the biggest hype to hit networking since MPLS and presents the opportunity for the public sector to change radically the purchase and operational models for connectivity. Join Mark to hear how the SD-WAN can:
- Enhance users' application experience
- Optimise SaaS and cloud performance
- Allow legacy technology estate rationalisation
- Break supplier dependenciies - right now
- Deliver GDPR compliance
- And of course, save money

Mark Lewis, EVP, Products & Development, Interoute

12:55 Q&A on previous four sessions

13:15 Lunch and networking

14:00 Journey to the Hybrid Cloud - it's the little things that matter
Hybrid clouds are becoming a reality in the public sector. During the planning for the move to a hybrid cloud several key items are commonly overlooked, only to result in problems and expenses later; a major one of these is connectivity. In this session we will review the fundamental requirements of a successful WAN architecture enabling the move to a hybrid cloud. Real-life case studies will be presented including before and after metrics.

Simon Pamplin, Director of Technical Sales EMEA, Silver Peak

14:25 Migrating from the PSN today to a secure disaggregation connectivity model
Michael Bowyer is an industry veteran of twenty-five years in public sector and industry lead for Innopsis, who created the technical and operational standards (the Obligations Framework) for Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). Prior to this Michael worked on the industry programme that developed the PSN and was on the PSN programme board for 5 years.

In this presentation Michael offers a vision of how PSN and HSCN will become the cloud enabling network. Creating a competitive market, offering connectivity options for all users and using new technology as an approach for Information Assurance (network security). All based on a disaggregation supply model that enables large and small network vendors to participate and drive value to the end user.

Michael Bowyer, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing Director, Innopsis 

14:50 Q&A on previous 2 sessions

15:00 Refreshments and networking

15:25 - 15:50 Panel debate and Q&A

Phil Gibson, Chair, Innopsis
Michael Bowyer, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing Director, Innopsis
John Keegan, Head of Infrastructure, Digital Group, Department for Work and Pensions
Tbc, Virgin Media Business
Tbc, Exponential-e

Speakers, agenda and timings may be subject to change